Cepe Consomme

         Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Soups, French, Starters, Vegetables

3 pt Chicken stock 1/2 oz Dried Cepes Salt & pepper to taste ----------------------------------OPTIONAL---------------------------------- 1 tb Dry Madeira Put stock - which should be home made and reasonably clear, and not oversalted, in a saucepan and start heating gently while you wash the dried cepes (porcini in Italian) in a sieve. Add the cepes to the stock and when boiling, turn down to a very gentle simmer. Don't cover, and allow to simmer until reduced to 2/3 volume. Strain and allow to settle, as the cepes always give out a little sand, no matter how carefully you wash them. When ready to serve, decant from the sediment, reheat and season. Add the optional madeira and serve.