Cottage Cheese Pizza

         Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Pizza, Cheese, New recipes

3/4 c Flour 1 ts Baking powder 2 tb Margarine, low calorie 2 ts Margarine, low calorie 1/2 c Egg substitute, or 2 eggs 2/3 c Cottage cheese, nonfat or -lowfat 1/2 ts Oregano 1/2 ts Basil 1/2 c Tomato sauce 4 oz Mozzarella cheese, lowfat 1 tb Parmesan cheese, nonfat Mix flour, baking powder and margarine with a fork until it resembles crumbs. In a small bowl mix egg substitude and cottage cheese and then stir into previous mix. Place this mix into a 10" pie plate that has been sprayed with lowfat spray. Mix together the tomato sauce, oregeno, and the basil and then spread evenly over the mix in the pie pan leaving a 1/2" border around the edge. Top with the mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Cook for 20 minuets at 375 degrees. Cool for 5 min. efore cuting. I have added cooked chicken and some lightly steamed vegetables to the tomato sauce for variations.