Deviled Turkey Legs

         Yield: 1 servings
Categories: BBQ, Smoked, Turkey

Turkey legs Prepared mustard Worcestershire sauce Speaking of mustard -- deviled turkey legs have been a family favorite since the '50s. Simply make 5 or 6 lengthwise slits to the bone. fill the slits with mustard and sprinkle heavily with Worcestershire sauce. Traditionally, the legs are then simmered for about an hour in a covered cast iron frying pan. A lot of the mustard cooks out and combines with the Worcestershire and juices steaming the meat - Wonderful! Last week I tried this uncovered in the smoker. The temp was higher than I wanted (about 350) so the legs cooked fast and were dryer and not as tender as the frying pan method -- but still very good. Next time I may try wrapping in foil for part of the cooking time and/or using a lower temp. Recipe by: Dan Gill