Fried Chicken and Pan Gravy

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Chicken

Text Put a cup of flour seasoned with salt and pepper in a large, brown grocery bag. Then put the chicken pieces in a few at a time and shake vigorously to coat them well. Fry 'em uncovered in about a quarter inch oil for 45 minutes or so. Drain the excess oil, leaving about three tablespoons and brown an equal amount of flour in the oil, then gradually whisk in a cup or so of milk. Viola! Fried Chicken and Pan Gravy. This was how my grandmother made fried chicken and it was indisputably the BEST in the world! I do it exactly as she did, but still can't get it that good... This should make a nice, crispy batch of chicken. If you cover while frying, it will probably come out soggy. Posted by Stephen Ceideburg May 9 1990.