Grilled Shrimp, Black Beans and Papaya Salad

         Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Shrimp, Beans, Cabbage, Vegetables

1 1/3 c Dried black beans 3 ts Garlic powder or 3 cloves 2 Papayas; peeled & diced or -mangos or, pineapple 1 Red bell pepper; chopped 1 Red onion; chopped 1 lb Shrimp; grilled until pink 1 sm Head Napa cabbage; thinly -sliced ----------------------------------DRESSING---------------------------------- 1 tb Cumin 1 tb Chili powder 1 tb Cracked coriander 1/4 c Olive oil 1/2 c Lime juice; (about 4 limes) Soak beans overnight. Drain, rinse and cook with salt and 2 teaspoons garlic. Simmer, uncovered for about 1 1/2 hours until tender, but not mushy. Drain and rinse beans under cold water for 1 minute to stop cooking process. Drain. Combine all dressing ingredients. Add to beans, vegetables, dressing and grilled shrimp. Serve on cabbage at room temperature. Recipe by: Sharon Bedford's Recipe