Hot German Bean Salad

         Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Beans, Vegetarian, German

1/4 c White Grape Juice 2 md Carrots; chopped 1/2 md Red onion; chopped 2 Stalks celery; sliced 1/2 c Water, or liquid from beans 1/3 c Vinegar 1 tb Sugar 1 tb Cornstarch 1 Vegetable Bouillon cube 2 c Black beans, canned 1 c Red kidney beans, canned 1 Red onion, optional In a large skillet, add white grape juice and heat over medium-high heat. Stir fry carrots, onion, and celery for two minutes. Remove from heat. In a small bowl, stir together water, vinegar, sugar, cornstarch, and bouillon cube, crumbling cube as much as possible. Add mixture to skillet. Cook and stir over medium-high heat 1 to 2 minutes, or until mixture is thickened and bubbly. Stir in black and kidney beans. Cook additional 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally, until mixture is heated through. Garnish with sliced red onions, if desired. May be served hot or cold. One serving of 2/3 C = 2 bread exchanges; 164 cal; 33 gm carb; 6 gm protein; trace fat, 304 mg sodium, 0 mg cholesterol. (Sodium may be reduced by cooking dry beans instead of using canned, using no added salt) A.BROADDUS [Alice in Hou] at 20:08 EDT