Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Ice cream, Desserts

ICE CREAM COOKBOOK----- Parfait is a French word meaning "perfect." A phrase used by many to describe this dish. American parfaits consist of ice cream served with whipped cream, fruit, or other sauces piled in layers in a tall, narrow glass called a "parfait glass." It is often topped with sweet whipped cream and garnished with a maraschino cherry. In a parfait glass or juice glass, alternate layers of ice cream with jam, syrup, baby or junior fruit, or marshmallow cream. Here are some good combinations you can use: ~-Strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam ~-Vanilla ice cream and red raspberry jam ~-Cherry ice cream and almond-flavored whipped cream ~-Vanilla ice cream with apricot and apple, or pear and pineapple baby or junior fruit ~-Chocolate ice cream and marshmallow cream. Any combination of ice cream and sauce that strikes your fancy can be tried, and can't help but be delicious! Recipe By :