Patty Spalding's Spaghetti Sauce (All Purpose)

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Ground Beef, Sauces

3 lb Ground beef 1 cn Hunt's tomato paste; small 1 cn Campbell's tomato soup 1 cn Hunt's tomato sauce 1/4 c Sugar; or more to taste Garlic; fine chop to taste Italian seasoning to taste ----------------------------------OPTIONAL---------------------------------- Onion powder Salad Herb seasoning Tabasco sauce Chopped onions Mushrooms Brown ground beef and drain off the fat. Put in cook pot. Add the cans of tomato products. Add one soup can of water. Add seasonings and sugar. Mix all together and simmer at a lo temperature for several hours. It's best if done in a crockpot overnight. To make a hot dog sauce, leave out garlic and italian seasoning, add a little more onion and 1 ts. of prepared mustard.