Pease Porridge

         Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Soups

---------------------------LISA CRAWLEY TSPN00B--------------------------- 3 c Split Peas; diced Water 1 Ham Bone or Pork Knuckle 1 Onion; chopped 1 Turnip; scraped and diced 1 Potato; peeled and diced 2 Stalks Celery w/ leaves; -diced 2 Sprigs Summer Savory or Thyme 2 Sprigs Marjoram 1 tb Sea Kelp, OR Salt; to taste Water to cover Rinse and pick over peas. Cover w/ water and leave to soak overnight. Next morning, drain, add remaining ingred., and bring to boil. Cover pot, turn down heat, and simmer for about 2 hrs. stirring occasionally. When peas are tender, remove ham bone or knuckle, cut meat from bone, and return to pot. Take out herb sprigs. Puree if desired, reheat, and serve in individual bowls, each topped with a small pat of butter. Serves 8. Source: Colonial Cookbook, updated as researched from The Old Farmer's Almanac 1792.