Pizza Burgers

         Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Ground Beef, Casseroles, Bake-shoppe

1 lb Ground Beef 1 cn Tomato Paste 2 cn Water 1 1/2 ts Parsley Flakes 1 1/2 ts Oregano 1 Env Spatina* 1/4 lb Sharp Cheddar Cheese; grated *Bill's Note: I have *no* idea what "Spatina" is. Cook beef until red is gone and then add tomatoes paste, water, parsely, oregno and cheese. Cool for about 10 minutes. Put on buns and bake in oven at 400? until hot. Source: Recipes Out of This World Women of St. Agnes Catholic Church Charleston, WV 1969 Recipe by: Mrs. Robert Kessler