Popcorn Snacks

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Kids, Snacks, Nuts, Diabetic

3 c Popped Corn 3 Cups = one serving. For a TV snack, or something to take to the show or the ball game that stays fresh and crisp, try seasoned popcorn. Pop corn without fat using directions on popper and season to taste with any of the following: Butter Flavored Salt Taco Seasoning Garlic Salt Onion Salt Parmeson Cheese Dried Herbs Hickory Flavored Salt (Great outdoors) Seasoned Salt * To share with your feathered friends: String left-over popcorn and hang outside for a healthy treat for the birds. It's fun to watch them eat! In the bleak winter months the birds would love a bit of bacon fat rubbed on the left-over corn. 1 serving (3 cups) = 80 cal, 1 bread serving. C = 15 P = 3 F = Trace Approved by the American Diabetes Assoc.