To Roast Chiles

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1 Info below Lay whole peppers or chiles directly on the BBQ grill, under a broiler or over a gas flame. Grill or broil, turning frequently, until the chiles' skins are evenly blackened and charred all over, but flesh is still crisp. Put the chiles into a paper bag for a few minutes to cool and steam - this helps further loosen the skins; rinsing under running water will help remove stubborn bits. Rub and peel off the charred skins, then slit and remove veins and seeds. With very hot chiles, wear rubber gloves and don't touch your eyes. Use the prepared chiles in sauces, to make salsa, homemade fajitas and all Mexican dishes, in rice casseroles, in omelets, and on hamburgers. Also great with summer squash, tomatoes, green beans or corn. From 1991 "Shepherd's Garden Seeds" catalog. Typed for you by Cathy Harned.