Toni's Olive Salad Sandwich

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Antipasto, Sandwiches

2/3 c Olive oil 1 1/2 c Chopped stuffed green olives 3 Anchovies 1 c Chopped kalamita or other -olives 2 ts Capers 1/3 c Chopped fresh parsley leaves 1 ts Oregano 1 Jar (4 oz) pimentos, drained -and chopped Pepper 1 tb Minced garlic Mash anchovies into a paste and combine all ingredients. Let stand covered overnight in refrigerator. Cut a round loaf of Italian bread in half the round way, directly through the middle. Alternate layers of the above filling with layers of your choices of the following. Use one or more combinations of meat and cheese: salami provolone mortadella feta cheese Cover with top half of bread to form large round sandwich. Cut in pie shaped wedges and serve as finger food. Recipe by: My daughter, Toni Page Posted to Kitmailbox by on Apr 28, 1997