Wendys Chili

         Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Beef, Mexican, Hamburger, Chili, Beans

1 1/2 lb Ground beef 2 ts Veg oil 1 cn Onion soup 2 ts Chili powder 2 ts Ground cumin 1/2 ts Pepper 2 ts Cocoa 2 cn Kidney beans, undrained 6 ts Tomato paste 15 ts Tomato sauce 2 ts Brown sugar 1 ts Vinegar 6 c V8 juice Contributed to the echo by: Janice Norman I have never tried it, but I found this recipe in a newspaper that says this is the recipe to make Wendys chili. WENDYS CHILI Brown beef in oil. Break meat into tiny rice size pieces. Place onion soup and half of cooked beef into a blender and process on high speed until it resembles cement mortar. Place with unblended beef into 2-1/2 qt saucepan. Add remaining ingredients and simmer until flavors are blended. Servings: 6