Chow Mein

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Asian

2 tb Oil 1 Batch Chow Mein #1 - Noodles 1 Batch Chow Mein #1 - Meat 1 Batch Chow Mein #1 - -Vegetables 1 Batch Chow Mein #1 - Sauce Put oil in wok and heat on high until wok is very hot. Add noodles one handful at a time. Stir noodles and keep them moving until the start to brown slightly. If they start to sick add a bit more oil. Once the handful of noodles are slightly brown remove to a plate. Repeat with rest of noodles. Once all of the noodles are done and removed to a plate add the meat and stir fry until it begins to crisp and brown a bit. Add the vegetables. Mix the meat and vegetables together and heat through. Mix in the noodles and heat through. Add the sauce and mix well. Cook chow mein until the noodles absorb some of the sauce. Remove from heat and serve.