Orange Glazed Chicken Breasts

         Yield: 6 Servings
Categories: Poultry, Crockpot

6 oz Orange Juice; Frozen -Concentrate, undiluted 1/2 ts Dried Marjoram 6 Skinless boneless chicken -breasts; excess fat removed 1/4 c Water 2 tb Cornstarch Combine thawed orange juice and marjoram in shallow dish. Dip each breast in orange juice mixture and put in Crockpot. Pour remaining sauce over breasts. Cover; cook on Low 7 - 9 hrs (HIgh: 4 - 5 hrs). These are EXCELLENT!! According to their info: Cal 188 Fat 1g Carb 16g Chol 64mg Prot 26g Sodium 73mg NOTES : According to MasterCook II: Cal 301.8 Fat 2.8g Carbs 13.3g Dietary Fiber 0.3g Protein 52.4g Sodium 147mg CFF 8.9% Recipe by: Rival Crockpot/Reggie Dwork