Salmon Fillets W/horseradish-Potato Crust

         Yield: 15 Servings
Categories: Fish

7 1/2 sm Potato,boiling,jumbo egg siz S&P 15 ts Oil/butter,melt 11 1/4 ts Horseradish 15 Salmon fillets,6oz,1"thick Boil potato til just tender, chill then peel. Preheat oven to 400F. Grate potato w/large holes on grater, pressing lightly for thin shavings. Season w/S&P & toss w/oil. Spread horseradish on each fillet & season w/S&P. Gently pat potato topping on surface, pressing lightly so it sticks. Bake til topping in golden brown & crisp & fish is tender all the way through when poked w/thin knife or skewer, 15-18min. If topping seems like it's going to burn before done turn oven down to 375F. If topping isn't crisp, but fish is almost cooked through, switch to broil for last few minutes. Serve inmmediately. Source: Fine Cooking, Dec'95,pp49