Snowball Kisses

         Yield: 1 Tray
Categories: Candies, Christmas, Holidays

1/2 lb Butter (Softened) 1/2 c Sugar 1 ts Vanilla 2 c Flour 1 c Pecans (Finely Chopped) 15 oz Hersheys Kisses 1/2 c Powered Sugar Cream butter into a large bowl. Beat in sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add flour and pecans ~ mix well. Chill dough in tightly covered container 4 hours or overnight. Remove foil from 15 kisses. Shape dough around kiss using 1 teaspoon per kiss. Bake 12 minutes on ungreased cookie sheet until set, but NOT brown. While warm, sprinkle with powered sugar. Store in covered container.