Steamed Coconut Cups

         Yield: 15 Cups
Categories: Vegetarian, Fruits, Thai, Desserts

--------------------------------DARK MIXTURE-------------------------------- 2 c Coconut milk 1 c Rice flour 3/4 c Raw sugar -=OR=- brown sugar 1 pn Salt -------------------------------LIGHT MIXTURE------------------------------- 1 c Coconut cream 2 tb Raw sugar -=OR=- white sugar 2 tb Rice flour 1 pn Salt Blend all the ingredients for the DARK MIXTURE well & fill 15 large foil cups half full. Steam over medium heat for 20 minutes or until the mixture is set. Blend the ingredients for the LIGHT MIXTURE & put 2 tb in each foil cup. Steam another 25 minutes or until it appears dry on top. Cool & run a knife around the foil cup to facilitate removal. Serve cool or at room temperature with the light side up.