Stuffed Beef Dogs

         Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Hamburger

2 lb Ground beef chuck 1/4 c Seasoned dry bread crumbs 6 oz Cheddar cheese Ketchup Large egg 1/4 ts Salt 8 x Hot dog buns Sweet chunky relish In large bowl, with fork, combine beef, egg, crumbs and salt. Divide mixture into 8 equal potions. Cut cheese into eight 5- by 1/2-in. sticks. Shape one meat portion into a 6 by 3 in. oval. Place a cheese stick in center of oval. Roll up meat oval into hot dog shape to enclose cheese. Press ends to seal. Repeat to shape all portions. Preheat broiler. Place beef dogs on broiler pan. Broil beef until browned, carefully turning them for even cooking. Serve in buns with ketchup and relish. Serves 8