Tiropitas (Greek Cheese Pastry)

         Yield: 20 Servings
Categories: Baked, Appetizers, Greek

1/2 lb Feta cheese 3/4 lb Small curd cottage cheese 1/4 c Chopped chives or parsley 2 Eggs 1/2 lb Butter; melted 1 lb Filo dough Mix everything but the butter and dough together. Cut the dough into 4 or 5 even sets of strips and cover them while you work with wax paper and a moist dish towel. Lay out one strip, brush lightly with butter, and repeat with a second layer. Put a teaspoon of filling at one end, and fold a corner over the filling. Starting with this initial triangle, fold the dough up like a flag until you have a little turnover. Repeat for the rest of the dough and filling, laying them out on a cookie sheet. Bake at 350? for 20 minutes until brown. WARNING: when these come out of the oven, the filling remains very hot for quite a while after the tiropitas themselves are cool enough to handle. Watch out, if you don't want to see your guests in court seeking damages for seared palates. Yields: 50 to 60 NOTES : Flaky cheese triangles. Recipe by: =20