All About Buckwheat!

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Buckwheat, Informational

The many forms of Buckwheat!: Buckwheat Seed: It's a fruit, not a grain. Planted around the world. Triangular hard hull. Fresh seeds can be sprouted; ready-to-eat in about 5 days. Kasha: Hulled and roasted to bring out distinctive, nutlike flavor. Packaged four ways; whole, coarse, medium, fine. Whole Buckwheat Groats: Hulled and unroasted. Mild-flavored. Better than barley or rice! Cream of Buckwheat: 100% pure groats milled to the size of sesame seeds. Look like corn grits and other "cream of..." cereals, but taste better. Buckwheat Flour: Both light and whole buckwheat flour are 100% buckwheat. Gluten-free. For fiber and flavor, each contains very finely milled particles of buckwheat hulls (more in whole flour).