Crispy Lemon Cake

         Yield: 1 Servings
Categories: Vegetarian, Healthy

6 oz Unsweetened applesauce 6 oz Self-rising flour; (1 1/4 -cup) 1 c Granulated brown sugar; -(demerara sugar) 2 Eggs ----------------------------------FROSTING---------------------------------- 1 Lemon; juiced 4 oz Granulated sugar; white 1 Lemon rind; grated; optional Warm apple sauce, then beat in brown sugar (you may not need as much as 6oz). Add sifted flour, then wellbeaten eggs. Pour into a shallow greased and floured tin (about 7 in x 11 in) and bake near the bottom of a merdate oven (350 F, Mark 4) for 20-30 min. Meanwhile mix white sugar and lemon juice and pour over the tope of the cooked cake while still hot and in the tin. Leave to cool, then cut into fingers. Recipe by: Annabel Smyth