Pollo a la Chilindron

         Yield: 8 Servings
Categories: Chicken, Spanish, Main Dishes

CHUCK OZBURN HBWK07A----- 8 Split chicken breast -- (leave large wing bo Intact -- remove meat) Olive oil as needed Salt and freshly ground -- Pepper to taste 20 ml Garlic -- minced 1 Onion 1 Red pepper -- julienne About 1/4 " 1 Green pepper 4 oz Smoked ham 4 oz Sherry 2 oz Green olives -- whole 2 oz Black olives -- whole 1 tb Arrowroot 1 c Chicken stock 4 oz Tomatoes -- diced 1/4" (Spanish Chicken with Vegetables and Olives) Heat a large pan and add the olive oil. Salt and pepper the chicken breast and brown in oil. If skin is removed, flour after salt and peppering. Fry skin side down first. Transfer to platter and put in oven. Remove excess fat and saute garlic, then onion; add sherry and deglaze; add peppers; add smoked ham; add olives. Stir until heated through. Add arrowroot to chicken stock and thicken sauce; add tomatoes last. To serve, slice chicken halfway through crosswise and arrange along the edges of a serving platter; Pour vegetables and sauce down the center. 8 servings. Note: Start with 4 whole chicken breast about the same size so they can be arranged on the serving platter in matching pairs. Chuck in Pok 9/15/93 C.OZBURN on GEnie Recipe By :