Sangria Serrano

         Yield: 1 Gallon
Categories: Spanish, Beverages

1 lg Bottle Gallo burgundy 1/2 Bottle Light Rum ("small -bottle") 4 Shots Cointreau 6 Shots Vodka 4 Shots Grand Marnier 1 l Seltzer 1 Pineapple (Sliced) 4 Tart apples (granny -smith) (sliced) 6 Oranges (sliced) 1 qt Applejuice or pineapple -juice 1 qt Orange juice 2 Limes (sliced) Sugar (to taste) Slice fruit and place on bottom of large container/bucket (with attachable lid). Add juice. Add alcohol and sugar. Just before serving add ice and seltzer. Keep refrigerated and covered. Best when made a day or two in advance. Enjoy!