Scaloppine If Veal with Herbs

         Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Veal, French

16 Thin scaloppine of veal Salt and pepper 6 tb Butter 1 tb Chopped parsley 2 ts Chopped tarragon 2 ts Chopped chives 1. Place the meat on a flat surface and pound lightly. Sprinkle on both sides with salt and pepper to taste. 2. Heat 4 tbsp butter in 1 or 2 large skillets (using 1 skillet will require cooking in 2 batches) and when it is very hot add the pieces of veal. Cook briefly, about 45 sec. on each side. As the pieces brown, transfer them to a warm platter. 3. Add the remaining butter to the skillet and stir in the parsley, tarragon and chives. Pour this sauce over the veal and serve hot. This dish is named: Escalopes de veau aux fines herbes