Mutton Porkolt with Cabbage

         Yield: 4 Servings
Categories: Cabbage, Meats, Lamb

---------------------------AMERICAN MEASUREMENTS--------------------------- 3 lb Mutton 1 oz Lard 6 Onions Salt 1 tb Paprika 2 lb Fresh cabbage; shredded ---------------------------EUROPEAN MEASUREMENTS--------------------------- 750 g Mutton 25 g Lard 6 Onions Salt 1 tb Paprika 1 kg Fresh cabbage; shredded Fry the onions a golden-brown in boiling hot lard, add paprika and the meat cut into squares. Salt to taste and stew slowly (Care must be taken never to have much liquid; when necessary a little water can always be added). When the meat is half done add well washed shredded cabbage, steam till meat is done, and serve.